2012 – an EGG-cellent Year

My flock of six started laying eggs mid-July. Collecting their eggs never grows old. I can’t say the same about cleaning their coop. Still, I love my chickens and appreciate their delicious, nutritious gifts. The eggs, that is, not their manure. Though, my flowers and vegetables will benefit from the manure, which in turn will benefit me. So, I guess I enjoy both of their gifts, after all.

Egg production started slowly. One egg here. One egg there. Sometimes even two eggs a day! Since then, they’ve given me at least one egg a day (but usually 3-6), even during the winter months when most chickens stop laying altogether. By the end of the July, all of the chickens were laying and the fridge was NEVER without eggs. We gave many of the eggs to friends and family, and still had more than enough for our own consumption. While collecting their eggs is a pleasure, it doesn’t compare to the joy that comes from giving them to people who appreciate them.

Out of curiosity, I tracked the girl’s egg production from day one. The results? In 173 days, they produced 702 eggs! That’s four eggs per day and just about two and a half dozen a week. Wow!

Ya know… I get a kick out of zipping past the egg section in the grocery store without giving thought to whether or not I need eggs.

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