AeroGarden Day 40

My AeroGarden is on fire! No, really, it is on fire. One of my basil plants grew so tall overnight that its leaves burned where they touched the grow lights. Time to do a little pruning, I guess. Pesto, anyone? The mint isn’t far behind. Mojitos?

The cherry tomato definitely needs pruning. It’s a monster. Then again, I don’t care if it crowds out the mint. Tomatoes are more versatile than mint… unless you enjoy mojitos, that is.

The roots fascinate me almost as much as the foliage. Look at those things! Traditional soil gardening doesn’t offer many opportunities to view the “veins” of the plant. If the roots look like this after 40 days, what will they look like in another 40? Remember those wicked, grabby trees in The Wizard of Oz? If a couple of weeks go by and you don’t hear from me, send in the top county extension office agents with machetes.

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