After the Rain

The rain started yesterday and ended early this afternoon. When I looked out the bedroom window this morning, I noticed that our creek was unusually high (and muddy). The rain gauge reported that we had a little over two inches – hard to believe it wasn’t more based on the high level of the creek.

This afternoon, while it was still misting, I took a walk through the woods to check things out – cheap camera in the pocket of my favorite flannel shirt. The air was chilly, damp, and fresh. At about this time last March, we had a snow storm that set everything back to zero. A few days after the storm, the frozen buds, blossoms, and leaves shriveled and dropped to the ground. As much as I enjoyed watching the snow fall in South Carolina in March, I was saddened by the fact that the flowers, trees, and shrubs had to start all over again. I wondered if they would give up for the year. Fortunately, they did not! They came back like nothing ever happened.

Nature is delicate. It is also tenacious and resilient.

Don’t forget that YOU are a part of nature.

Photos from my walk through the woods…

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6 thoughts on “After the Rain

  1. Oh how I wish WI looked like that now!! I am sick of seeing white and long for some color. Thanks for the colorful vision. Deb

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