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  1. Did you stick your hand in the hole to see who lived inside? If not, would you mind setting up a 24 hr webcam and streaming it to this site? I’m not sure I can stand not knowing.

    • NO! I did not stick my hand in the hole. I got as close as I could tolerate and looked inside but didn’t see anything. Honestly, I was scared that something was going to come out and latch onto my face while I took the photo. I’d really like to know what is/was living in there, too. It could be a woodchuck, ground squirrel, rat, skunk (I hope not!), or who knows what. If you would like to set up a tent in the woods and monitor the situation, you are more than welcome 🙂

        • It wouldn’t surprise me if a snake lived in this one. We’ve seen some whoppers around here! Snakes don’t make holes (how could they?), but they do occupy holes made by other animals. This hole was 5-6″ wide. I just hope that whatever lives in that hole does more good than harm.

  2. I once attended the San Antonio (FL) Rattlesnake and Gopher Festival. Snakes live in holes dug by gopher tortoises. The festival organizers have since dropped the Gopher part of the name, I guess because “Rattlesnake Festival” sounds more, well, edgy, and they probably became tired of explaining that Gopher referred to a tortoise, not a rodent or the purser from the Love Boat.

  3. I attempted to do some HTML in my previous comment. The link is actually about finding badger habitat, and not about snakes in the Carolinas. If you click on the link, it will take you to the badger information. I’m not sure why my question about snakes ended up being the title for the link. I need to brush up on my HTML I guess. I was trying to use the tags below the comment box. Sorry. ; (

    Don’t forget to read about badgers.

  4. Even though I spent the first 30 years of my life in Wisconsin, I never met a badger in the wild. “Bucky” was the closest thing! By the way, we have plenty of snakes in these here parts. Fortunately, I’ve never crossed paths with a poisonous one. Harmless Black Rat snakes seem to dominate. I don’t have a problem with that at all!

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