Azaleas in Bloom

The azaleas are in full bloom in the south – a sign that spring is here to stay. Not that I had any doubt. We had temps in the 80’s already this year.

Fourteen years ago, when I first moved to South Carolina, I saw my first azaleas. The colors were so vivid and surreal. I thought, “What are these beautiful shrubs?!” It didn’t seem possible that an entire plant could be covered with blooms… and the colors… WOW!

I am fortunate to be surrounded by a wide variety of these breathtaking plants. Thanks to the previous owners of our home, splashes of vivid red, pink, fuchsia, and white brighten the yard and woods. My photos do not do them justice. They are a plant that must be seen in person.

We have visitors coming from Wisconsin in a couple of days. Perfect timing! They’ve had a harsh winter and will appreciate the azaleas and other flowering plants even more than I do, I’m sure.


azaleas in bloom

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4 thoughts on “Azaleas in Bloom

  1. Breathtakingly beautiful for sure…

    I wouldn’t mind if the garden fairy crept into my yard and planted a few of these gorgeous bushes. I guess I better strap on my wings and get busy.

    Do azaleas get very large and are do they take a lot pruning, etc. to control?

    • Azaleas vary in size. We have some that are only a couple feet high and others that are about 6 feet high (the group of white azaleas in the photo). They are a free form shrub and don’t need pruning, although some people like to shape them. Sometimes I will clip a branch that doesn’t look quite right. They love acid soil and grow like crazy in the south. I think it is possible to grow them in Wisconsin but you might have to take extra precautions in the winter. I believe that there are azalea/rhododendron varieties that are more suitable for colder climates. They also now have reblooming azaleas that can be enjoyed twice a year! I hope the garden fairy is good to you 🙂

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