Chicken Eviction

I see the light at the end of the tunnel! The coop is not 100% complete, but it is ready for the chicks. I still have a few cosmetic details to complete (trim, sealant, a little paint). There’s also the little issue of building their run. I cut the lumber yesterday. Now, I need to assemble it. It should be a fairly quick project, unlike the coop.

The homemade Rubbermaid brooder box was getting a bit cramped and the chicks desperately needed a place of their own. So, I moved them to their new home this morning. They pecked at every surface, clucked, chirped, and explored their new surroundings. I don’t understand chicken talk, but I think they were happy to be out of the blue, plastic bin with the walls that were closing in on them.

Until their run (fenced in play area) is ready, the chicks are scratchin’ it up under the coop. I built a secure, fenced area for them directly below their living space. The hardware cloth enclosing the bottom of the coop is buried and slopes outward from the building. If a fox, raccoon, or other predator tries to dig its way in, it will not get very far. I’ve never seen a fox near my house, but I have a feeling they will come out of hiding once word gets out that there is a new chicken restaurant in the neighborhood! I also poured concrete in the trenches to further deter predators.

The girls were very curious about the hole in the floor and the ramp leading down. They stood at the edge, peeked out, almost fell in a time or two, and even rested near the escape hatch. I was beginning to worry that they wouldn’t understand the concept of jumping onto the ramp. Eventually, Frieda made her move and gracefully dropped herself into the mysterious world beneath the floor. Two others followed about twenty minutes later. The three remaining chickens hung out in the coop and decided that it was as good a place as any. Though, they were curious about what the other three were doing below. It didn’t seem like they were going to venture down on their own, so I gave them a helping hand. I’m curious to see if they will return to the upper part of the coop this evening. Apparently, chickens do this instinctively. We will see.

Okay. I really need to get outside and put the finishing touches on the hen house. I can’t start procrastinating at this stage in the process.

Here’s a little video of the chicks after I first put them in the coop. They’re so big! Can you believe they are only six weeks old?!


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4 thoughts on “Chicken Eviction

  1. Wow what a beautiful chicken coop! Great idea about the hardware cloth because predators are always going to be after our gals! I love the hatch in the floor! Thanks so much for linking up to the Ole’ Saturday HOmesteading Trading Post Blog Hop!

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