Chicken Fever

That’s right. I’ve got the fever… chicken fever, that is! After talking big for the past year about getting a few chickens, I finally took the plunge and bought six baby chicks this weekend. It’s “Chick Days” at Tractor Supply, so I took advantage of the promotion. They sell out quickly and the varieties change from week to week. This week, they had a grab bag, it seems:  assorted black pullets, assorted red pullets and Tetra Tint (off-white chickens with some dark markings). They have a minimum purchase of six chicks, so I purchased two of each – black, red and the off-white variety. I can’t wait to see how these mystery breeds develop and mature. Right now, they are cute little fuzz balls. Not looking forward to the gawky, teenage stage though. Chickens that are halfway to adulthood are, well… kind of ugly.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to have a coop before I brought some little chickies home. Well, that didn’t happen! I’ve been working on my chicken coop plan and hope to start sawing lumber this weekend. In about six weeks, they will need an outdoor home. Time’s a wastin’. No worries. Wait until you see the coop I’m working on!

In the meantime, the baby chicks are safe in their homemade brooder in the basement. They chirp, kick up wood shavings, peck at the thermometer, and eat constantly… when they aren’t napping, that is. Darn! They’re cute.

My pups are a bit apprehensive about these peeping, hopping creatures. My hope is that by the time the chicks mature, they will not be afraid of the dogs and the dogs will not be afraid of them. We’ll see how that works out.

If all goes well, I’ll have farm fresh eggs as early as this fall!


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2 thoughts on “Chicken Fever

  1. Our chicks were always light yellow when I was a kid growing up on a farm. I don’t think they made calico chickens back in those days.

    I think those are some lucky chicks, to have landed in your basement. I’m sure they will be grow up to be fine hens/roosters. . .

    So darn cute, they are!

  2. I recently moved my chicks out of the big plastic bin brooder to an outside cage. My chicken are 4 weeks old. I wasn’t going to put them out until 6 weeks, but they were getting WAY TOO OVERACTIVE in that little bin. So I bought a huge rabbit cage (so they can see out) and placed them in an outside coop with two chicks that are 5 weeks older than them (so they can integrate). They love it. Yes, I do still have a big heat lamp out there so they can snuggle. :o) I found putting the water fount on some bricks helped with the chicks scratching shavings in their water. Messy little stinkers. Enjoy those cuties!

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