Cool Coops

It’s spring and I have chicken fever again! Will I start my first flock this year? That’s still up in the air. Before I purchase my pullets, I want to have the coop in place. At first, the chicks will live in a large box in my basement, under a heat lamp. However, they grow up fast and will soon outgrow their childhood abode. Then what?

I’ve priced coops and they seem a bit expensive for what you get. My carpentry skills are decent and I am confident that I can build a better coop for less. It’s just a glorified box, right? Of course, there are important things to consider when building a coop… ventilation, nesting boxes, feed storage, predator proofing, location, etc.

Before I start building, I want to come up with the best design possible. To kick start my imagination, I’ve been perusing the internet for design ideas and discovered a refreshing variety of cool, funky coop designs. Check them out.


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3 thoughts on “Cool Coops

  1. Happy chickens live in these coops. I’m not sure which one I like best. Maybe there should be a vote.

    I’ve always liked chicken coops/houses because they are fitting for short people like myself. They remind me of playhouses. Not fond of the smell though. . .

    • I’m working on a round chicken coop! I’ve never seen one (with the exception of the egg shaped coop in this post. Wish me luck!! I will try to keep mine as sweet smelling as possible 🙂

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