Coop Under Construction

I’m very excited to announce that construction of my chicken coop is now underway! I started working on it this weekend and have become quite obsessed with the design and building process. It’s an extremely satisfying project. Plus, it’s kind of cool to know that my chickens will live in something I built with my own hands.

My coop is unusual because it is circular. This poses some unique construction challenges. Oh sure. A rectangular coop would be much easier to build… but it wouldn’t be nearly as stylish. Not only will this coop have style, but it will also be very functional. I had a difficult time digging up circular building design information. So, I had to get creative and make a few things up. My plans are all down on paper, though they do change as I work.

As you can see, the base of the coop is complete. The rectangular section adjoining the circle will be the nesting box area and will be accessible from the outside. The coop will have one curved door and two curved windows. Originally, the door and windows were going to be flat… again, an easier option. I decided that since I was going all out with this coop, the doors and windows needed to fit the theme.

Later today, I will cut a chicken door from the floor that will also serve as a ramp. I am also going to cover the floor with vinyl flooring (for easier cleaning, I hope).

Stay tuned as the coop progresses!


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7 thoughts on “Coop Under Construction

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog! I hope I remember to come back and see your finished coop!

    I love my chickens. I am going to show off my coops on Deborah Jean’s Hen House Hop on April 17th. :o)

    Happy Easter!

  2. My experience with vinyl flooring is that it will just get beat up and eventually you’ll have to pull it out. I wouldn’t bother with that. It becomes a hassle pretty quickly. Your coop is beautiful. I made a round coop…much less beautiful, and more temporary. I just use my for breeding season. But I do like the look of round coops and am working on a new one that will be a little more involved and permanent. I like seeing what you did. Mine will be getting a “green roof”, made with plants, when the season is closer to planting. I’m thinking some Matt’s wild cherry tomatoes, and some local plants like sedum, but I’ll see how it evolves.

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