Covered & Smothered

newspapercoveredHere’s a super easy and highly effective way to turn grass and weeds into garden space! I first tried this technique last year with excellent results. It can be used between rows or on your entire garden. Simply lay down several layers of newspaper or one layer of cardboard over the grass/weeds. Then, cover with wood chips, mulch or chopped leaves.That’s it!

Last year I used a combination of cardboard and newspaper and topped it with a pickup truck load of inexpensive mulch. Worked like a dream! In the example shown here, I used several layers of newspapers and a mix of mulch and chopped leaves.

When it is time to plant, make a hole in the newspaper or cardboard, plant your seeds or transplants, and water. The newspaper and cardboard will allow water to soak through while also retaining moisture in your garden. Over time, the newspaper and cardboard will break down. An added benefit is that the decaying newspaper and cardboard attracts beneficial worms. Perfect!


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