First Radishes of the Season

Yesterday, I harvested the first radishes of the season from my cold frame salad garden. There’s nothing as cute as a radish! There’s nothing quite as tasty either. They were a spicy addition to my spinach salad.

Speaking of spinach, my cold frame crop is looking good. Check it out in the second photo. I’m also growing radishes and carrots in this bed. I won’t be able to harvest the carrots for a while. They take 70 days to mature while the radishes only take 28-30 days. After I’ve chowed my way through this row of radishes, I have another row that will be ready in about three weeks. Perhaps I will have enough time to plant one more row before things heat up in SC. Once it gets hot here, the salad garden is history until mid-late fall.

The lettuce seeds I sowed, and then sowed again (remember that disaster?), are peeking out and starting to fill in… though not as quickly as I had hoped. The arugula, on the other hand, is growing like wildfire. It’s well ahead of the other lettuce seeds that I sowed at the same time. Arugula has a strong, peppery flavor and I like to mix it with milder greens. It adds just the right amount of bite to a salad.

Coming soon…
Setting up my raised bed garden!

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2 thoughts on “First Radishes of the Season

    • I had to look at the packet! It’s a blend of Champion, d’Avignon, Pink Beauty, Purple Plum, and Snowball. The radishes I picked all happened to be the same variety… must have been the earliest ones. I see a couple of white radishes in the row. Interesting.

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