Tomatoes That Taste Like Tomatoes

Picking the first tomatoes of the season is an extremely satisfying moment for a gardener. So is biting into a big, fat, juicy BLT made with tomatoes that taste like tomatoes!

I’m growing three varieties this year – Amelia, Goliath and Lemon Boy. I chose them because they are highly resistant to disease, wilt in particular. I’ve had wilt problems in the past and don’t wish to have them again. So far, so good. The branches are loaded with tomatoes at all stages of development. It looks like growing my plants in a raised bed rather than directly in the earth is the answer.

Take that you wascally wilt!

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2 thoughts on “Tomatoes That Taste Like Tomatoes

  1. Ooooo… your tomatoes look great. When you say “wilt” are you talking about some type of blight? I’ll have to check out the varieties mentioned. I have grape tomatoes. None ready to eat yet but they look like little green Christmas tree lights on the vine.

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