Forcing Branches to Bloom Indoors – Week Two

It’s spring… in my kitchen!

Two weeks ago, I walked through the yard and woods and collected branches from flowering shrubs and trees for the purpose of forcing them to bloom early indoors. The forsythia is now flowering profusely and several tulip magnolia buds have also flowered, with more on the way. The buds of the redbud are swelling and I expect to see tiny leaves in about a week and a half. The dogwood blossoms will not be far behind. So far, none of these trees and shrubs are blooming or leafing out in my yard.

I hope that the forsythia and tulip magnolia last long enough for the other branches to catch up. Seeing everything leafed out and in bloom all at once would be a magnificent sight. I realize that this doesn’t happen in nature, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that just this one time it will happen in my kitchen.

This is how I created my kitchen table “spring”…
Forcing Branches to Bloom Indoors

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