Giant Blueberries? Really?

A friend of mine emailed me a few days ago and sent me a link to Little Giant blueberries. I checked out the website and was amazed by the claims the company made about their blueberry bushes. Up to four pints of blueberries a day? Really? I don’t know how I could possibly eat four pints of blueberries a day! So, if the plants produce enough for a pie, muffins and snacking, I’ll be very satisfied. I have a feeling that my estimate is closer to the truth 🙂

I used to have a few blueberry plants near the garden and have been thinking about getting some more plants and giving it another go. Why not the Little Giant blueberries?!

Soooo, I just ordered three plants and thought I would use them as a little experiment to share on my blog. Actually, I ordered two plants. The third plant was free. Of course, it wasn’t really free. There was an additional charge for shipping. The total for the three plants came to $21.90. If I get four or five pints of berries from them, they will have paid for themselves. We’ll see what happens. I’ll keep you posted!

By the way, the checkout process was kind of a hassle. They tried to sell me orange trees, strawberry plants, raspberries, etc. before I was able to get to the final checkout page.

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