Goat and Chicken Cams – LIVE!

Have you ever wondered what goats and chickens do when no one is looking? You haven’t? It’s just me?! Well, I discovered theeee cutest goat and chicken cams today. You might have to sit through a brief commercial before the live feed starts on a couple of them, but it’s worth the wait. At least I think it’s worth the wait. Perhaps I am too easily amused. Or, more likely, you are the one with the problem. Patience is a virtue, friends.

This live cam is my favorite. It’s a goat cam. Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Goat Cam! The goat noises are adorable and the hopping kids are precious. Awww…
Goat Cam

Here’s another goat cam. Nick and Molly aren’t as active as the goats in the previous goat cam. Maybe they are an old married couple and are simply bored with each other. Would it kill Nick to pick a few flowers for Molly once in a while? Good intentions are not enough, Nick darling!
Nick and Molly Cam

The last time I checked this cam, the baby chicks were nowhere to be found. I hope they’re okay.

(Hey! I just checked again. They’re back. Whew.)
Chick Cam

You must check out this chicken cam. The chicken yard is… um… whimsical. It includes Gumby and Pokey figures, whirly gigs, tree faces, and wind chimes. These chickens are livin’ the life! It’s even interactive. There is a button that allows viewers to feed the chickens. I’m not making this up. When I tried it, I was asked to wait five minutes because someone had already hit the button. To prevent overfeeding, they can only be fed once every 10 minutes and only 1 gallon of feed per day.
Chicken Cam

Made ya look 😉

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One thought on “Goat and Chicken Cams – LIVE!

  1. Exactly as I remember from years on the farm. When the sun went down, so did the livestock. The barn and chicken coop were very peaceful places at night, except for the occasional grunt or chirp.

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