How to Make an Herb Chair

A few years ago, I created an herb garden in a three dollar chair I found at a garage sale. Fortunately, the chair did not have a seat. Sounds like a strange thing to be happy about, but it was exactly what I needed! Any chair with a removable seat or cane seat is perfect for this project.

I created a new seat for my chair using chicken wire. I allowed the chicken wire to sag enough to accommodate soil and secured it with heavy duty staples. Then, to keep the soil from running off, I lined the chicken wire with burlap and stapled it in place. Landscape fabric also works… anything to keep the soil in but let the water drain out. I added some potting soil and planted the herbs. Easy! Annual flowers would also look great in this chair.

If you want to use a chair with a seat that can’t be removed without compromising the structure of the chair, here’s a solution. Cut a circular hole in the seat with a slightly smaller diameter than the lip of the pot you plan on using. The pot will then “hang” from the chair and the plants will look like they are growing from the seat. I would probably use a plastic pot with a twist on/off drainage saucer. This will keep the area under the pot clean, which is a good idea if you are setting the chair on a deck or porch. If you plan on setting your chair in the yard, it doesn’t matter if muddy water drains from the bottom, of course.

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3 thoughts on “How to Make an Herb Chair

  1. Do you line the planters (left of the chair in the photo) with plastic, etc. to keep them from drying out so fast in the summer?

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