I Dig Chicks!

I’m considering getting a few chickens. They’re interesting, strangely beautiful creatures. Fresh eggs would be a nice bonus. I haven’t committed to chicken keeping yet because I worry about finding someone to care for them on the rare occasion that I go on vacation. It seems like too large a favor to ask of friends and family. “Hey, do you mind checking in on my chickens while I’m away?” I doubt that rewarding them with all the eggs they can eat will be incentive enough.

Part of the reason I want chickens is because I love the wide variety of clever and stylish chicken housing that is available. Have you seen those wire egg baskets? They are too-die-for! Okay, I’ll just say it; I’m kooky over chicken paraphernalia. However, I draw the line at chicken diapers. Yes, there really is such a thing. They come in various colors and patterns and are for indoor chickens. Indoor chickens?

Another curious product is the chicken saddle. Imagine making a surprise visit to your chicken and catching her romping through the woods with a field mouse in the saddle. Embarrassing. From what I understand, these saddles are “wigs” for balding chickens. They also protect chicken wounds. And, sometimes, the purpose of the saddle is purely for decoration… poultry bling.

I first became interested in chickens when I learned about Martha Stewart’s fancy chickens and their fancy eggs, the colors of which became the inspiration for a popular line of Martha Stewart paint. Who says there’s no money in chicken eggs? Leave it to Martha. I bet she doesn’t have a problem finding chicken sitters.

Do you know…
It is safe to send one-day old chicks through the mail. In fact, this is the only time it is safe. Right before they hatch, they absorb the last of the yolk. This sustains them for as many as three days. You will thank me for this fascinating tidbit the next time you struggle for small talk at a party.

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14 thoughts on “I Dig Chicks!

    • It’s okay to leave them alone with a good supply of food and water for short periods of time. If they are laying eggs, however, it’s not a good idea to let the eggs accumulate. Hens sometimes resort to eating the eggs, which can turn into a bad habit… and less eggs for human consumption 🙂

  1. This just had me roaring…you are very funny…and I totally understand your desire for chickens based on the cool coops they feature nowadays…thought the same thing…no, you cannot ask friends to care for your chickens….it’s just wrong.

    • This made you roar? I thought I heard a strange sound echo through the woods earlier today. Happy to hear it. Maybe it is weird (and awkward) to ask people to check on your chickens, but I don’t think that it is wrong. Please include chickens in your next novel.

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