Lettuce Weather

It’s January, yet it feels like April. We’ve had an unusually mild winter in South Carolina, which is a bit disturbing. I worry about how this will affect the pest population and fear a very mosquito-ey, pest-filled summer.

On the flip side, it’s kind of nice to sit by an open window in January (!) and hear frogs peeping down by the creek. Aren’t they supposed to be in hibernation? Apparently, they are as confused as I am by this weather.

I’m not complaining (though I would like to see at least one snowfall this winter), because this weather is ideal for the lettuce in my cold frames. We’ve enjoyed many cuttings and look forward to many more. The lettuce absolutely loves the warm days and cool, yet frost-free evenings. I almost don’t need the cold frames for protection. I say this because my spinach and carrots, which are planted outside of the cold frames, are thriving. I planted them outside of the cold frames as an experiment to see how they would do in the winter. Seems that plan has been foiled by Mother Nature.

I’ve also noticed that my daffodils are getting ready to bloom. Whoa! I hope they know what they are doing.


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5 thoughts on “Lettuce Weather

  1. We live in N. C. and have been enjoying the same type of weather, and have had the same concerns as you are having. Your lettuce look so great, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey, Julie. Thanks for the San Juan island tip. That sounds like my kind of place, all that creativity.

    I’m with you about this unusually warm winter we are having this year. Although it’s different hear in Wisconsin, I think about how it will affect the bug population. Having near 50 degree temperatures just isn’t normal in February. The weather experts admit that they don’t actually know why it is happening. That’s reassuring. Of course I don’t put a lot of weight on what they say anyway.

    Lovely lettuce you’re having this year. Scrumptious!

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