Mind-Opening Door

Door 1

Door 3

Door 2Door 4I had a stack
of old doors
for a purpose.


So, off to Pinterest I trotted! I considered making a bench, a coffee table or a coat rack, but kept coming back to the bookshelf idea. It looked like a simple project (and it was) that could be completed in a day. Perfect!

The first thing I did was scrub off the grime using soap and water. After the wood dried, I drilled holes in two corners of each panel (kitty-corner) to accommodate the jigsaw blade. Using a jigsaw, I cut out the panels. Then, I sanded the rough edges and removed loose paint. Finally, I attached two L-brackets to the underside of each panel/shelf and attached them behind the openings.

I struggled
with the thought
that I could be
a perfectly good
old door.


After I removed the first panel, there was no turning back! Turns out it was the right choice. Had I not repurposed this door, it would still be sitting in a shed collecting dust.

What’s the point
of having a great door

with no purpose?!


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