aerogarden tomatoesI started my Aerogarden cherry tomatoes on Jan. 1st. FINALLY… they’re ready to eat!

Using the Aerogarden has been an interesting indoor gardening experiment. After the tomatoes are exhausted, I think I will start a lettuce garden. My hope is that the indoor lettuce will be ready by the time my outdoor lettuce has had enough of the heat. My seven-pod Aerogarden won’t produce enough lettuce to provide more than a couple of salads a week, but that’s okay. It’s worth it for the enjoyment of watching the seeds sprout and develop into mature plants. I do this same thing with my outside plants, but it’s not the same as having them in my kitchen in a spot that I walk by several times a day. It’s like the difference between living with your parents and living down the street from them. Know what I mean?

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2 thoughts on “‘mmmaters!

  1. Do you ever get insects on your plants in the AeroGarden since it is inside? The tomatoes look great. How big did the tomato plants get and how big is the fruit?

    • I’m not having problems with insects on my Aerogarden plants, but I suppose it could happen. The tomato plant is about 16 inches high and the tomatoes are an inch wide. The only problem I am having is that the tomato plant is crowding out the basil!

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