My Five Chickenpower Tiller

chicken tilled for blogMy chickens worked overtime this spring clearing weeds and grass for my new vegetable garden bed. Every few days, I moved their 5’x10’ run and they went to work scratching, digging and tilling.

This photo shows you just how efficient chickens are when it comes to clearing land. My five little hens cleared a 15’x20’ area in approximately one month. The only thing I did was rake the dried grass and weeds out of the area after they did their thing. The chickens did the rest. I kid you not!

As a bonus, the girls left behind a little fertilizer. Chicken manure is super rich in nitrogen and the best organic fertilizer available. I plan on adding more of this valuable commodity from a pile of “coop cleanings” that is now composting. It’s important to let the manure break down in a compost pile for several months before using it. If you apply fresh chicken manure to your vegetable garden, it could seriously harm/kill your plants. The amount they produce while they till isn’t enough to do any damage. From what I can tell, chickens do most of their pooping while roosting at night!

Don’t worry about my chickens having to work for their room and board. They enjoy being outside eating bugs and grass. It’s what chickens do! This summer, when they are no longer allowed in the garden, they will be rewarded with extra produce. As a matter of fact, I am going to plant watermelon and pumpkins just for them. In turn, they will give me delicious eggs and more fertilizer. I can’t think of a more perfect relationship!


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10 thoughts on “My Five Chickenpower Tiller

    • They are beneficial in so many ways! The response from this post has been unbelievable. You’re right. Most people don’t know. I will continue to spread the word!

  1. un-composted chicken dropping are 4x more harmful to plants than any other droppings with competition from Turkey or other birds. You also should be mindful that if you leave the coop in place until the ground is bare you are doing the chickens a disservice. Not all weeds are beneficial and they leave the ones that are not good for them till last then grudgingly eat those too in the hopes that their keeper will figure out that their cage needed to be moved days ago.

    • Good points George! My chickens were digging up centipede grass (which crawls along by runners and is difficult to remove) and clover, with a few incidental little weeds… nothing that will hurt them. It is definitely something to be aware of though!

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