No Dig Carrots and Potatoes

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my raised bed garden? I’ve only had to pull a few weeds all summer… and those were only baby sprouts easily plucked from the soil. No tilling or hoeing either. The only maintenance required is watering, fertilizing, staking, and harvesting… harvesting being the easiest and most rewarding chore, if you can even call it a chore. I mean, seriously, if you think that harvesting your crop is a chore, you probably need a hobby other than gardening.

I have been harvesting, and eating, a lot of carrots and potatoes from my garden lately. Want to know how I harvest the potatoes? I reach into the soil and lift them out. No digging. No accidentally piercing them with a shovel or garden fork. No problem! The carrots are equally easy to remove from the soil. What about this is not good?!

Another great thing about growing root vegetables in raised bed garden soil is that they don’t have to compete with stones and hard lumps of soil for territory. They come out of the ground picture-perfect with no battle scars or malformations.

Off to the garden to collect some veggies to toss in the crockpot with a roast!

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6 thoughts on “No Dig Carrots and Potatoes

  1. All of the produce that you’ve shown on your blog have been impressive. You must have the soil, etc. balanced quite well. What do you use when insects target your garden? Do you take the organic approach?

    I agree with you about raised gardens. Once they are set up, they are great. Fewer problems and much easier to work with.

    • Thanks, Karen. When insects decide to move into my garden, I try to get rid of them using organic repellents. If those don’t work, so be it. I lost two zucchini plants earlier this summer to a worm that was boring through the stems in spite of my organic spray. This is how I see it: The insects need to eat as much as I do. I’m willing to share with them… and the birds… and the squirrels… etc.

  2. Cucumber beetles are a problem here in Wisconsin every year. Their larvae bore into the stems of plants and the aphids feed on the blossoms. One of my blog posts from a couple seasons ago addressed the issue. I placed a container of beer in my garden near the affected plants. (It was supposed to attract, and kill, the pests.) Although it had no effect on the bugs, the gophers seemed a lot more laid back.

    Do you have any organic solution for these pests?

  3. Last summer we found out just how old we REALLY are.After all the work,had bumper crop of peas & okra.everything else pretty much curled up & died.disheartened swallowed up n my failures,let what picked,go to waste(chickens got most) So there r lots of empty mason jars this winter.With ur raised garden do u hv plenty to can?

    • The raised bed garden gives us enough fresh produce to eat during the growing season, but not enough to can or freeze. Though, I would like to freeze a few things. Looks like I’ll be building more raised beds!

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