Pickin’ A Chicken ebook Giveaway!

Spring officially arrives in a few days! To celebrate, I’m giving away FREE digital versions of my book, “Pickin’ A Chicken”.

Click here to download your FREE ebook! 
You will need Adobe Reader to read it on your computer. Most people have this program installed. If not, you can download it free here.

For those of you who prefer a paperback or Kindle version, they are available for purchase on Amazon.


Thinking about getting a few chickens? “Pickin’ A Chicken” will guide you step by step through the chicken selection process. By the end of the book, you will be able to pick the perfect chicken with confidence. Looking for a great egg layer that is also friendly, a fancy bird that can withstand cold winters, a meat breed that is an economical eater, a fun pet for the kids? The perfect chicken for each of those situations (and more!) is in this book. “Pickin’ A Chicken” provides you with important information you need to know before starting a flock, chicken terminology, space considerations, cold/heat tolerant breeds, and more!


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