Purdy Pile of Pasta

The other day, I tried my hand at homemade pasta. I’ve wanted to make pasta for many years but never got around to doing it. Now, I wish I would have tried it sooner.

I dare you to find a recipe with simpler ingredients. What are these simple ingredients? Flour and eggs. That’s it! While researching pasta recipes, I found some that also used water and olive oil. Other recipes used things like tomatoes and spinach to add color. My initial attempt followed a recipe using semolina flour, eggs, water, and olive oil. It was a disaster. The semolina flour was too grainy (almost like cornmeal) and produced dry, crumbly dough, even after I added small amounts of water. I don’t recommend semolina flour for beginners.

Attempt #2
Since I already had a mess, it didn’t make sense not to get something from it. So, with the semolina flour disaster still sitting on the countertop, I pulled out my good old all-purpose flour and two more fresh eggs. The recipe I used called for two cups of flour and two large eggs. Perhaps the eggs I used weren’t large enough because the dough was way too dry. No problem. I just added another egg and the dough was perfect. The result was smooth dough that was easy to handle and had good manners.

Ohhhh, and the pasta was so delicious in my cobbled together lemon pepper shrimp with caramelized zucchini!

If you’d like to give pasta making a try, this is an excellent resource on how to create pasta both by hand and with equipment…
Mangia Bene Pasta


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4 thoughts on “Purdy Pile of Pasta

  1. Julie,
    How true, how true! Fresh pasta has been deliciously created in my home, too, and the taste is amazing and rather spoils a person…for homemade, fresh all the time!

  2. Has anyone ever told you that you have great looking pasta? (Tongue in cheek.)

    When I lived in Florida many moons ago, I remember visiting with the family who had recently moved in across the street. As I sat at the dining table talking with the lady of the house, I rested my elbow on a doily that was laying on the table. As it turns out, it was pasta dough. A little extra somethin’ somethin’ flavored up the family’s meal that night. Elbow Greasioli.

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