Radish Gone to Seed

radish gone to seedThis is what happens when you let a radish go to seed. I planted some a few months ago and noticed they were getting leggy. I decided to let them grow to see just how tall they would get. The answer is approximately 5 feet.

How in the world did that tiny radish support the greenery above it? Seems impossible, doesn’t it? It stood tall in spite of its seemingly inadequate root system and was not downed by wind or rain even though we’ve had some violent storms recently. It even managed to find the energy to grow delicate white flowers with faint pink edges. Those flowers have since gone to seed. It’s as if the plant was saying, “Even though I’m on my way out, I’m going to make sure that a part of me lives on.” Spunky!

People are a lot like the radish plant. We are capable of amazing things in spite of the forces that try to prevent us from achieving them. Though, unlike the radish, we don’t realize that we are stronger, wiser, braver, and more lovable than we give ourselves permission to believe.

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