Raised Bed Garden Progress

My raised bed garden is coming along nicely. In addition to the plants in the photos below, I am also growing radishes, carrots, tomatoes, and bell peppers. It’s going to be an absolutely delicious summer!

Raised bed gardening is “no dread gardening”
I’ve only had to pull a few tiny weeds over the past couple of weeks. That alone makes raised garden beds worth the initial time and investment. Another thing I like is that I don’t have to hoe or till. Raised bed gardens require very little labor once everything is planted and growing. I do water on days when it doesn’t rain, but find this task relaxing and enjoyable. It gives me time to gaze at the plants and marvel over their progress.

raised bed garden progress early in the season

Earlier post on how I set up my raised bed garden.

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7 thoughts on “Raised Bed Garden Progress

  1. They are looking good, Julie. I’d love to have that 12′ bed in my yard. Seeing your beds is inspiring. I want to put in at least one more this year. You’re right about them being carefree once they are set up. They are quite easy to maintain—and my knees are much happier.

  2. Great looking garden Julie! You’re right about the raised beds, they’re much easier and can be planted earlier because the soil warms up and dries out faster in the spring.
    It’s a big advantage in WI, especially with the cold wet spring we’re having this year.

    • You are soooo right, Deb! So, do you have raised garden beds? I hope you and the rest of my Wisconsin friends and family have a decent spring and summer. You certainly have earned it!

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