Seed Balls

Made you look!

Seed balls – or seed bombs – are guerrilla gardener ammunition. Basically, they are mud balls made of clay, compost and seeds. After they dry, guerrilla gardeners (garden activists) stealthily toss the seed bombs in areas that need a little love – abandoned lots, around sidewalk choked trees, and in vacant medians. After a couple of rains, the seeds germinate and beautiful flowers appear in once dreary areas. By the way, I’m pretty sure that it is illegal to plant seeds on land you do not own. I’ve seen worse things littering abandoned lots, haven’t you?!

For those of you who fear the law, seed balls are also an interesting way to share flower seeds with your friends. Make a batch, put them in a groovy container or package, and give them away!

NOTE: The women in this video use red potters clay. If you have good old fashioned red clay soil, use that instead.


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3 thoughts on “Seed Balls

  1. Seed Balls.

    First notion: Yum! I could sink my teeth into some of those right now. Dark chocolate, after all, is allowed on my new eating plan, plus I already eat my share of pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds.
    Second notion (after reading the ingredient list): Oh…clay and compost. I think I’ll pass. But what a great idea! They would be fun to give as gifts. The wrapping alone would be fun. There’s so many cool ways to present them.
    Third notion: A person could really pull one on that uppity garden club neighbor up the block. K:-)

  2. You’re right. There are so many cool ways to present them… in a canning jar with a funky label, tins, boxes covered with decorative paper, bags made from fabric and tied with a ribbon, etc. How “Martha” of me 🙂

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