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After reading my post about raised bed gardening, one of my readers asked me to check out Art of The Garden. (Thanks Karen) Neither Karen nor I are affiliated with Art of the Garden and this is not a paid advertisement. We just think this product is very cool and too good not to share!

The product is called M Brace. It’s a portable, easy to assemble (takes five minutes to set up), stylish, raised garden bed corner brace system. No tools required! Not only that, but it’s made in the U.S. using recycled metal. The braces come in a variety of funky laser cut patterns as well as plain. Over time, the braces will rust, making them even more beautiful.

This video demonstrates just how easy it is to set up a raised bed garden using the M Brace.

In addition to the M Brace, Art of the Garden also makes borders and garden stakes. These are also recycled, as they are made from the cut out sections from the M Braces. Genius!

The only thing that would make this product better is if I would have come up with the idea first πŸ™‚

If you run across other cool garden products, please send links my way. I’d love to review them in future blog posts!


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10 thoughts on “Art of the Garden – Form Meets Function

    • Bamboo would look great using this system. HOWEVER, if you’re thinking about using it to keep the bamboo contained, it won’t work. If you don’t mind chasing bamboo shoots (and clipping them) on a regular basis, go for it πŸ™‚ That stuff spreads like wildfire through underground rhizomes. There are less invasive types of bamboo, but they still need to be kept in check. Personally, I wouldn’t plant bamboo in anything but a container.

  1. I stand corrected! Jill, from M Brace, has this to say…
    About the bamboo. I tried it with 1.5 ” bamboo poles backed by 1″ fence boards. It does work, funky look, holds the dirt b/c of the fence board.

    • Hmm…so I was thinking of using locally sustainably harvested bamboo (read: something I grab from the side of the road when a neighbor cuts it down) instead of lumber. It sounds like might not work that easily. But then again…I could give it a try!

      • Ohhhhh… you want to use bamboo for the sides of the garden bed. I thought you wanted to GROW bamboo in the bed πŸ™‚ Bamboo might work but you’ll probably have to line the inside with something to keep the soil from leaking through the spaces between the bamboo.

  2. Julie, you mentioned that bamboo has a rhizome root system and spreads quickly. Have you ever heard of Japanese Knotweed? It is also invasive with underground rhizomes. I’m trying to find out how to get rid of it. I have not found an easy solution and it’s taking over.

    • I have never heard of Japanese Knotweed, but the name alone frightens me. A plant with the name KNOTWEED sounds determined and stubborn. I don’t know how you can get rid of it, except to be diligent about digging it out every time you see it. Then again, digging it out probably encourages it to spread! How attached are you to your home? You could always move.

  3. We’ve lived here for nearly 24 years but it still might be easier to relocate than get rid of the Knotweed. We’ll see. I’ll be working on it in the next few weeks.

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