Unexpected Beauty

The ditch near my house is wild with weeds. The problem is that it is dangerously steep with an irregular surface. Weed trimming an area like this takes a strong back and the sure-footedness of a mountain goat, supported by a good healthcare plan… just in case. About a week ago, I walked along the ditch to evaluate the situation and develop a plan of attack. As I surveyed the ditch, I noticed that it wasn’t filled with revolting weeds but with fascinating flowers, foliage and vines. Unexpectedly, my unsightly ditch was transformed into a magnificent wildflower garden!

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2 thoughts on “Unexpected Beauty

  1. Gorgeous photos! I would have been so excited about such a discovery. Isn’t nature grand?

    Thanks for visiting my blog, “Maxine,” and for your lovely words. 🙂

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