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My blog is about living a simple life, yet my life has become increasingly more stressful, difficult, and expensive over the past few years. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Earlier this week, I decided to take some steps to change this. The first step is to clear clutter and unnecessary objects from my home. These things weigh me down… suffocate me. They need to GO! Mind you, I’m not a hoarder and I don’t have a lot of material things compared to most people. Still, I have more things than I need or want. How wasteful. How American.

Removal of Excess Media (CDs, magazines, books, catalogs, etc.)
Do I honestly need hundreds of CDs that I no longer listen to (especially in the age of the ipod), magazines that I will never thumb through again, books that I will not read twice, or garden catalogs from 2008? No, I do not! You probably don’t need these things either. Why do we keep them? Just in case? Just in case of what? Since I don’t have an answer to these questions, I will unload my excess media over the next couple of weeks. I will either sell, donate, or toss these things to the curb. I have a sneaking suspicion that once they are gone, I will not miss them. In fact, I will probably feel a few ounces lighter.

I’m currently listing all of my CDs on eBay. I’m selling some of them in groups (by artist or genre). The remainder will be sold as a mixed lot of about 150-200. I’m not sure how many I have since I am still making the list. What a project! The closet that contained the CDs already looks happier. The floor behind me, where they are scattered, does not.

Does anyone out there need a Ricky Ricardo dressed in a Santa suit Barbie doll? If so, I have one! I purchased him at a discount several years ago at the insistence of a collector friend. She told me the doll would be worth something later. Later is NOW. He happened to be in the vicinity of my CDs, so I included him in Phase One. If you’re interested, he’s on eBay. He’ll be worth something some day 😉

Stay tuned for future phases of Project Simplify!

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10 thoughts on “Walk The Talk – Project Simplify

  1. I wish you much luck with decluttering! If you have things you can’t recycle, don’t want to throw away, but don’t think a charity would want (personally, that’s the category I most often find), feel free to bring it over and set it next to our mailbox. Then come on inside, grab a beer, and watch out the window. Your stuff will be sorted through, picked over, then picked up before you have to go back to the fridge for another cold one.

    Curbside recycling, ‘hood style!

    • YES! We’ve set many things on the side of the road with a “FREE” sign. They were picked up within the hour (usually within 15 minutes!) I’m all about recycling!

  2. I completely relate to what you said about things weighing you down and being suffocating. I feel the same way. It has taken me years but I’m making some headway with reducing clutter. I’ve found that getting rid of things often requires a step-by-step approach and a certain mindset. My rational is that I’m tired of having things I don’t even remember having and not knowing where those things are.

  3. I wish I could do what you are doing. I have a millzillion things cluttering my life that I have become attached to. Good Luck with project simplify!
    Come to Wisconsin. I have a project for you!

  4. I am in! Put a ton of things on Freecycle yesterday & they are all gone as of this afternoon! Once you get started, you don’t want to stop! Darn those kids for wanting to eat & stuff. 😉 Can’t you see mommy is cleaning!

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