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lettuceon towelburritograb towelwhippingThe spring lettuce is ready and we made our first cutting today. So buttery soft. So fresh. So delicious! The downside is that cleaning lettuce is no picnic if you don’t know how to do it.

I’m going to share my top secret lettuce cleaning and drying method with you. It’s easy and it doesn’t require fancy/expensive equipment (a salad spinner). My salad spinner happens to be a cotton dish towel. It does a fantastic job. As a matter of fact, it spins the water out better than a salad spinner, doesn’t cause as much bruising, and it takes up far less space in my kitchen.

Immediately after I harvest lettuce, I dump it into a sink filled with cold water. I gently slosh the lettuce in the water. The tiny bits of dirt drop off and sink to the bottom. I then scoop the lettuce out of the sink and put it in a colander to drain. Next, I lay out a cotton flour sack-type dish towel. I use this type of towel because it is light enough to allow the water to “spin” out. I then put the lettuce on the center of the towel and fold the sides over with a generous overlap. Pretend you are making a giant lettuce & towel burrito. The next step is best implemented outside. Gather up the ends of the towel and whip your homemade salad spinner around and around. It’s fun! Water will fly everywhere, but it won’t matter because you are outside. You remembered to go outside, didn’t you? Oh well. It’s just water.

For the best flavor and freshness, harvest lettuce one hour or less before your meal. After you clean and spin it, gently wrap it in clean, dry dish towel and put it in the refrigerator to rest.


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3 thoughts on “Whip It!

  1. You left out the part about the “salad spinner” resting. They might need it after slinging around their giant lettuce burrito.

    Just kiddin’. I think this is a great idea. I like the tip about picking the lettuce within an hour of eating to get the best flavor. I don’t think people necessarily think about the fresh factor.

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