Work it Girls! (part two)

A couple of weeks ago, I put my chickens to work tilling and fertilizing a new 5’x10’ garden bed. I moved their mobile run to a grassy area near my raised bed gardens and let them scratch away. They did not disappoint! It’s hard to believe that the area inside the run was once lush and green. Now, it is grass and weed free and filled with organic fertilizer, courtesy of the girls.

This fall, I will plant lettuce and other greens in the new bed. At the ending of the growing season, I will till in what hasn’t been eaten by humans or the chickens, adding valuable nitrogen to the soil. (Yes. The chickens will be rewarded with fresh lettuce/greens.)  When spring rolls around, I will plant sweet corn in this plot. And yes, the chickens will get sweet corn. Mostly used cobs. The nutrients they take in will be used to make eggs and more fertilizer. It’s a beautiful cycle, isn’t it?

Thank you Lucy, Marcie, Peppermint Patty, Sally, Frieda, and Sue Sylvestor!


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6 thoughts on “Work it Girls! (part two)

  1. Ah, chickens do love some fresh green! We used to let our free range girls in our main garden until we realized that they don’t respect the rules of raised bed gardening—i.e. keep the dirt in the raised bed! Now they are in charge of tilling the compost instead. :)

    • I love the idea of having them till compost… the parts of it they don’t eat, that is! And, if they do eat it, that’s fine too 🙂

  2. I’m just amazed. that you can find so many different ways to use & keep giving the girls new fun jobs to do. It keeps everyone happy. julie you are wonderful. thankyou for this blog. looking forward to the next one. love,pappychuck.

  3. My farm girl existence did not teach me everything I needed to know about raising chickens. (Your blog does.) I just knew that I enjoyed gathering eggs and that I didn’t like it when I had chicken poo stuck to my shoe. Love your blog. . .

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