Work it, Girls!

Not only do my chickens produce fresh, delicious eggs for me, but they are now helping me garden. I put them to work tilling and prepping a new garden bed. These are some hard working chickens! Don’t feel too sorry for them though. To them, it’s just another day of being a chicken. Plus, they love the change of scenery and greenery. In a couple of weeks, they will have this 5’x10’ area grass/weed free, tilled, and nourished with organic fertilizer. By the way, composted chicken manure is THE BEST fertilizer available.

The chickens enjoyed the walk as I pushed their mobile run from one spot in the yard to their new “pasture” area. Well, Lucy wasn’t too amused when the chicken run wall tapped her fluffy butt. She’s a very vocal girl. My pup and supervisor, Jackson, enjoyed eating the chicken feed that spilled in the driveway when I hit a bump. So, for the most part, everyone was pleased with the move.

After I situated the run, the chickens were more interested in the fresh grass and bugs than in their pellets. Since I don’t dare let them out without supervision, due to predators, this is as close as they will come to free ranging. They appear to be enjoying their temporary new foraging spot.

I’m a huge fan of raised bed gardening. However, there are some plants that fare better when planted directly in the earth. Corn is one of them. Perhaps after the girls ready this new garden area, I will attempt sweet corn again. My sprawling strawberry plants, now planted in a raised bed could use a bit more space and I’m thinking about moving them to this new garden. I’m also considering moving my asparagus plants, though I hear this is a difficult task with sketchy results.

After the chickens till and fertilize this little patch of land, I will build a border around it, which will give it a raised bed look and keep out invasive weeds… a serious problem I had when I gardened directly in this soil in the past. In fact, weed control is the main reason I love raised bed gardening.

I’ll keep you posted on the girl’s progress. Wait until you see what they do to it. You will be amazed!


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9 thoughts on “Work it, Girls!

  1. after the girls finish. plant some turnups. the greens will shade the soil&help stop weeds. also turnups will put netrogen back into soil. corn really likes netrogen. HAVE FUN:)

  2. Your posts are always so informative, Julie. I really enjoy reading them. I’m sure it has something to do with your wonderful skills as a writer.

    Aren’t chickens incredibly entertaining? There’s just something about chickens. . . Yours are so colorful and healthy. I see why you’re smitten with them.

    • Forget it, Karen! No pigs. My dog got into something rotten this morning (dead squirrel) and he’s stinking up the whole house. That’s as close to getting a pig as I care to get 🙂 Besides, we had pigs for a few years when I was a kid. Still a bit traumatized by the butchering scene.

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